Bronx Subway Stations Need A Makeover

For those who ride any of the NYC Subway lines in the Bronx, the title of this entry would have you saying, they sure do! Well MTA Board Member Charles Moerdler shares your sentiment & shared to NYC Transit President Thomas Prendergast during a hearing yesterday. Marc Beja of AM New York has more:

Bronx subways need a visit from the “Extreme Home Makeover” crew, according to one MTA official.

“The Bronx continues to have the worst subway service, the worst subway stations, the worst on-time performance, the worst wait-time performance in the entire system,” MTA Board Member Charles Moerdler told Transit President Thomas Prendergast during an agency hearing Monday.

“If I were still building commissioner, I’d condemn the [subway] buildings — they’re that bad,” he added.

Prendergast said he agreed that work needed to be done, and said the agency was considering closing some stations overnight to fix them, but there’s limited funds to do the work. Bronx Borough President Ruben Diaz Jr. said he’d “had it” with waiting for the MTA to address the foul odors, poor lighting, mice and dirty conditions in the stations, which he pointed out to the agency in March.

“We’re tired of excuses [about funding],” Diaz told amNewYork. “We want our subway stations fixed.”

I can attest as to how disgusting subway stations in the Bronx are. While the same can be said for the other boroughs as well, it seems to be much worse in the Bronx. The amount of stations that reek of putrid smells & are in need of repairs is way too high. While the agency understands this, the main issue holding back repairs is the almighty dollar.

Now leave it to Bronx Borough President Ruben Diaz Jr. to take full advantage of earning constituent brownie points by ragging on the MTA. While he is correct in wanting the stations fixed, will he offer up any solutions as to where the money to do so will come from?

We all know the answer is no & that goes for the majority of officials who choose to rag on the agency as if they purposely want the stations to look & smell the way they do. I knock the MTA when they deserved it but I will also be fair & defend them when they are ridiculously attacked by officials who refuse to help properly fund the transit agency. Sorry Ruben, that is now how this works.

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