An Acceptable Level of Cleanliness Would Cost NYCT $100 Million

The startling figure was discussed in an article by New York Daily News transit reporter Pete Donohue. His article went into details on how it would cost New York City Transit (NYCT) approximately $100 million dollars to maintain an acceptable level of cleanliness throughout the entire NYC Subway. Here is more from Pete’s article:

It will take a lot of green to keep your subway station clean.

NYC Transit would have to hire an additional 1,575 cleaners, and spend nearly $230,000 per hub, to reach and maintain an acceptable level of cleanliness across the entire system, according to an agency analysis.

“That’s a lot of money,” William Henderson, executive director of the Permanent Citizens Advisory Committee to the Metropolitan Transportation Authority, said. “In today’s climate, that’s an awful lot of money.”

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I have to admit that the figure startled me when I first saw it. I was just thinking how $100 million dollars is a lot of money to have an acceptable level of cleanliness throughout the NYC Subway. This line of thinking led me to my next question which is what exactly is an acceptable level of cleanliness? If it would cost $100 million for an “acceptable” level of cleanliness, just how much would it cost for pristine conditions?

Seriously with that amount of money, the MTA should be able to do more than just keep an acceptable level of cleanliness. They should also be able to fund many repairs at the same time. As far as overall condition goes, many riders are quick to jump on the lack of effort from subway cleaners. While it is true that some of them are lazy & don’t care to properly do their job, it truly does not fall on them.

As usual the riders want to blame everyone but themselves. The trash that they want cleaners to really clean up did not get there by itself. The trash got there due to riders, some which are quick to attack cleaners for their sub par efforts. Instead of preaching from their pulpit on how cleaners should work with pride, how about taking that same pride by not dirtying the system to begin with. What a great idea, no?

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