Service Improvements On The Way???

In what could qualify as a slick but poorly executed P.R. move, the MTA’s New York City Transit division announced possible service improvements that riders could look forward to starting in the second half of 2008. Some of theĀ  improvements which are supposed to serve as a way of calming the anger of the fare hike include:

Cutting off 1-2 minutes from wait times during evening service on the , , &

Extend the operating time to 11 pm on the &

Increase in service

Create the M13 which would run between East Midtown & The Lower East Side

Extend the B71 & B73 into Manhattan via the Brooklyn Battery Tunnel & terminating at South Ferry

Have the train run to 148th Street at all times

Have the run to Forest Hills-71st Avenue at all times

Increase in weekend service

Since this is involving the MTA, you must be expecting a catch. Well I am here to report that you are correct in assuming these improvements came with a catch. The catch is these service improvements will only be implemented if the MTA’s financial situation does not worsen through the first 3 months of 2008. Lets keep our fingers crossed!

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