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I was viewing the AMNY website & noticed that one of the headlines was “Board The Beauty Train”. I automatically figured the report would contain beauty tips for those riding the subway. The genius that I am was correct & here is that report courtesy of AMNY:

Squeezing zits, plucking grays, going to bed with mascara on — we all know they’re beauty no-nos, but we all do ’em anyway. Add making up your face on the subway or bus to the list. It’s messy, it’s tacky, it’s rude. And it’s unavoidable.

So let’s say subway makeup is a necessary evil, and there’s a right way and a wrong way to get cute on your commute.

We asked makeup artist Ashunta Sheriff, who not only does the fabulous faces of Alicia Keys and Rihanna, she does her own on the F train. Here’s an m.o. for girls on the go, courtesy of New York’s “beauty sheriff.”


  • Keep a makeup case locked and loaded in your bag. A clear plastic or transparent mesh bag lets you see everything.
  • Choose products that are petite and lightweight with small applicators.
  • Add a clear brow groomer for instant polish and black liner pencil for after-work glamour
  • On the train, look for a corner seat, and take one product at a time out of your case.


  • Use loose powders or liquids on the fly; stick to creams, gels, pencils.
  • File or polish your nails or apply perfume except on the platform. “Spraying scent in the subway car is substance abuse,” Sheriff says.
  • Curl your lashes when the train is moving.
  • Use dark lip-liner. “Leave this look on the graffiti train,” Sheriff says.
  • Even contemplate tweezing brows or clipping nails. “It’s mass transit, not gross transit,” according to our beauty guru.

Call me crazy for asking but shouldn’t these beauty exercises be done before boarding the system to begin with? Besides maybe a quick second to spray a bit of your cologne or perfume so you have the freshest smell to you, I don’t see why the other things can’t be done prior to entering the system.

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