Striphangers Spread Holiday Cheer In A Unique Way!

The L now stands for “lucky” & the N “nice” after 3 women transformed themselves from straphangers into striphangers! The story which was an exclusive to the New York Daily News goes like this. 3 women; Laura Lee Anderson, Marissa Lupp, & Jessica Wu have gone from unknowns to internet celebrities due to a video that is all the rage on the internet.

The 3 ladies decided to take a dare from promising $10,000 for the best pole dancing routine in public. They decided to just go for it since they admittedly were all broke, in between jobs & desperate for cash. So this past March the 3 ladies joined by their pal Isis Masoud took their routine along with their boom box blasting Prince’s “Erotic City” for the ride of their life.

The MTA was not thrilled about the ladies routine. Playing the role of the “party pooper” is NYC Transit spokesman Paul Fleuranges who issued this statement on behalf of the MTA New York City Transit:

The last thing we want is for anyone to turn our subways into roving burlesque stages for crude exhibitionists. While the rules don’t specifically state lap or pole dancing, what is depicted here is disorderly conduct.

Wow talk about having sour grapes! I admit that a pole routine is not really the type of activity that should be taking place in a subway. However there was no nudity involved & it was just a temporary shoot for a contest. If you are going to come down hard about this, why not come down just the same on the daily activities of panhandling, dangerous dance routines, & much more? I don’t see the snotty comment for those activities which are worse than harmless pole dancing!

In case you were wondering, the ladies did win the contest & are $10,000 richer. If you want to see the video, click here.
The facial reactions alone make it worth watching over & over!

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