State Senator Wants MTA To Review R Line

The R Train train is one of the most unpopular lines in the entire system. According to long time riders, the line has deservedly earned its nickname of “Rarely” in terms of showing up on time or if at all.

However riders are not the only ones to complain as a plethora of elected officials including State Senator Daniel Squadron have called for the MTA to do a full line review. Paula Katinas of the Brooklyn Daily Eagle has more:

The R train is desperately in need of improvements, according to state Sen. Daniel Squadron, who is among several elected officials pushing the MTA to conduct a top-to-bottom review of the subway line.

Squadron, Councilmember Vincent Gentile, the Riders Alliance, the NYPIRG Straphangers Campaign and 41 other elected officials called for the MTA’s next Full Line Review to study the R train.

In 2009, Squadron worked with the MTA to create Full Line Reviews of subway lines in which the agency takes a close look at train service over a period of months to see if improvements are needed.

The Full Line Reviews, which have been done for the A, C, F, G and L trains, have led to more frequent and on-time trains, newer and cleaner subway cars, and other cost-effective service improvements along the subway lines, Squadron said.

Not only are Squadron, Gentile and transit advocates seeking a Full Line Review of the R train, they are also looking for the inspection of the subway line to go faster than previous reviews of other train lines.

“This Full Line Review can’t be as delayed as an R train commute,” said Squadron (D-Brooklyn-Manhattan). “I hope the MTA pursues this Full Line Review, and quickly offers results and improvements.”

In a Jan. 11 letter to MTA Chairman Thomas Prendergast, Squadron, Gentile and their fellow lawmakers urged a speedy review process.

“We also request that this review be conducted in a timely manner. The almost 18 months that it took to complete the A/C Full Line Review is, simply, too slow. Riders cannot be expected to wait that long for service assessments and improvements,” the letter reads in part.

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A review of this line is long overdue. I have been hearing complaints about this line for well over a decade. I personally have experienced my fair share of failures riding it while spending time in Bay Ridge in the past. Honestly I do everything possible to avoid the line as it is unreliable especially during rush hour.

Hopefully the agency finally does something to bring the service on this line up to par as it is long overdue!

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The R train always runs at s slow pace.
The wait times are very long.This is typical MTA performance.

Hi Kwame,

I agree with you 100% on how slow the R is along with its typical long wait times. I understand the line shares track space for most of its run but it is still not enough of a reason to warrant the piss poor performance of the R overall.

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