Rally For The Final W Train

As I noted here, there are some upcoming service changes involving the M Train, V Train, & W Train. This entry however will focus on the W Train. A few days ago, loyal Transit Blogger reader Danielle sent me a notice about a group rally to salute the final W departing Astoria. I wanted to share this with all of my readers as I am sure some of you would like to attend:

On Friday Night, June 25, 2010, the W Train—the bastard stepchild of the BMT-Astoria Line—will make its final run from Ditmars Boulevard to Whitehall Street, a victim of the MTA’s 2010 Budget Cuts. On the final night of the W, and on its last fateful ride, come celebrate with us as we commemorate the short, complicated and often pathetic life of our beloved W.

All cultures mourn in different ways. Some cultures wear black, others sing songs and eulogize the dead. Others pour out a 40 on the station platform at 36th Avenue. All expressions of mourning are welcome. We will remember the good times—like the day we were super late to work and the W went express from Astoria Boulevard to Queensboro Plaza, or the first time we met the “Have a Smile” guy.
We’ll remember the bad times, like when the W was named the “Worst Train in the MTA Subway” by the Straphangers Campaign, or when the blind guy who plays “The Girl from Ipanema” played so loud you couldn’t hear your iPod.

The final W Train Departs Ditmars Blvd. at 10:17 p.m. on Friday, June 25. It will stop at Astoria Blvd. at 10:19, 30th Avenue at 10:20, Broadway at 10:21, 36th Avenue at 10:23 and 39th Avenue at 10:25.

At Union Square, we’ll disembark and wait for the 11:02 W, which will be the final W train that comes back to Astoria.

On Monday morning, June 28, the Q will come to Astoria on weekdays and the memory of the W will begin to fade. Let us send our train line out in style.

After we return to Astoria, perhaps we’ll throw a wake at the Beer Garden?

-Bill Reese


I am not sure if I will be attending but I urge my readers to go & support a fun event to give the W Train the sendoff it deserves.

xoxo Transit Blogger

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