NYC Subway Delays Continue To Rise

In a piece of news that comes as a surprise to no one, NYC Subway delays are up. It seems every couple of months I am writing an entry about the latest statistics showcasing what any average subway rider already knows. This time the startling report originates from a brief article in Monday’s New York Post. The article written by Bill Sanderson had this to say:

New Yorkers’ subway commutes have slowed significantly over the last three years, according to the latest NYC Transit data.

The city is still far from the 1970s bad old days of broken-down, graffiti-scarred trains – but the downward trend in the quality of subway service is unmistakable.

Through June, the number of delayed trains is up an average 24 percent from two years earlier, and 71 percent from three years earlier.

And the distance trains travel without breaking down was down 7 percent in July from two years earlier, and 17 percent from three years earlier.

Subway bosses blame the problems on more track work, heavy ridership, and less money for maintaining cars.

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You know the real news will be when the latest statistics show that NYC Subway delays are down! I won’t hold my breath on that though, I would like to live a long time.

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