MTA Wants To Offer More Free Transfers

In a story that can only make you sit there & ask why did it take you so long to think of that, the MTA wants to offer riders more free transfers when service gets interrupted. Andrew Siff of NBC New York has more:

Transit officials tell News 4 New York that the MTA wants riders to be able to switch from one subway line to another, or from one bus to another, without having to pay again, by getting paper tickets handed out by staff when they exit a route with service problems.

For planned service changes, the MTA hopes to encode MetroCards with data to allow additional free transfers.

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I could not stop laughing for a minute when I first saw the story. It is almost 2018, why would the MTA now just think of such an idea? This is such a common sense idea on all fronts, it should have been automatically set up without a second thought. This doubles for the Metrocard aspect of it but then the agency has always been multiple steps behind in the common sense & technological departments.

The best part of this is when the idea gets approved, the agency will probably issue a press release that includes quotes showering praise on what is a common sense & pragmatic solution.

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