MTA The Weekender Failure

As you know by now, every week I post the service diversions planned for that upcoming weekend & following week. These diversions are usually sent out on Thursday to those on the MTA’s press list.

Recently the agency added a new tool to their website in regards to service diversions. The tool is called “The Weekender” which takes the place of the main page on the agency’s website. The focal point of it is the map which shows a map of all running services including info on stations that will have none.

While this all sounds great, what is the point if it is not functioning correctly. This leads me to the reason for this entry as over the weekend, I received an e-mail from a reader named Brad who expressed how the map did not feature any of the planned work on the N Train. I happened to check the site at various times & noticed this to still be the case.

Now prior to starting this entry, I looked again & noticed that it was now correctly showing the diversions happening on the N Train. However considering it is almost the end of the scheduled diversion work, it pretty much defeats the purpose of it being corrected.

The agency should be applauded for trying to find as many ways to keep riders informed. With that in mind though, their first priority must be in making sure the information is 100% accurate.

Riders such as Brad or myself are capable of working around such setbacks if we faced them while riding. However not everyone falls into that category. When they check for information, it needs to be 100% valid. Hopefully the agency will do a better job in making sure it never happens again.

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