NYCT To Increase Some Weekend Subway Service Intervals

For those readers who ride the B-division during the weekend, this news will frustrate you. MTA NYC Transit has announced that starting this Sunday & continuing through August, trains will run at 10 minute intervals up from the originally scheduled 8. Pete Donohue of the New York Daily News has more:

NYC transit’s cutting scheduled subway service on weekends – but most riders won’t notice, officials say, because those timetables usually aren’t met anyway.

Starting Sunday and lasting through August, the regular weekend timetables will call for a train every 10 minutes, up from every eight minutes on most lettered lines, a 25% increase, the Daily News has learned.

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I am not surprised that people are upset about this as I ran it by a bunch of friends & acquaintences. I am also not surprised that Gene Russianoff of the Straphangers Campaign was not pleased with the announcement. I will say to him, what I did to those I spoke with.

The best time to do construction/maintenance is during the overnight & weekend periods where ridership is clearly lower. These projects whether it be in construction or maintenance are what is needed to upkeep & grow our system. You can’t demand a better system if you are not willing to make sacrifices for it. Oh & by the way, service on the B-division was usually running at 10+ minute intervals anyhow for awhile now. So seriously, stop looking to complain at every turn.

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