MTA #3333 Service Is Fading Into Oblivion

Millions of straphangers depend on the NYC Subway to get them from “Point A” to “Point B”. Sometimes service diversions throw a wrench into the best laid plans. The MTA for years has provided immediate access to straphangers in case of such an occurrence through their 3333 service. The service which is only accessible from Verizon payphones inside subway stations. Unfortunately in an age of cellphones, Blackberries, PDA’s, etc…. this vital service has started the ultimate nosedive into oblivion. AMNY Transit Reporter Matthew Sweeney has more in this report:

Known to few, often forgotten, and slowly making its way toward the technological dustbin is the subway payphone #3333 service.

Dialing #-3-3-3-3 brings up a free recording of scheduled transit service changes.

Introduced in 2001, and once heavily advertised, the service is still available at some 4,000 payphones maintained by Verizon, transit officials said.

Currently, riders continue to count largely on signs and announcements, which can sometimes be confusing, to say the least. Few remember #3333.

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It is sad that more people are not taking advantage of this free service. There is no reason as to why the service gets such a small amount of calls when millions of people use the subway. One would think that even in a world with such advanced technology, riders wound find use out of such a service. It is fine to carry a Treo (like myself), Blackberry, Sidekick, etc… but when you are underground & get no signal, they are virtually worthless.

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