Most Subway Cars Are Well Air Conditioned

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Picture it, Sicily 1923, a young peasant girl…… oops sorry I was having a Golden Girls moment there (I still love that show & by the way R.I.P. Estelle Getty!). Now that I am back with all you, I do want you to picture something, it is the summer & the temperature outside is a sweltering 95 degrees outside & almost 110 degrees on the platform. You are fanning yourself as if any little air you can muster will help beat the heat. As you stare down into the tunnel, you see the lights of an oncoming train. You keep staring thinking your eyes will bring it to the platform faster. It finally arrives & you feel saved from the world’s worst opponent, the heat! The question is are you really saved? If you go by statistics from the MTA’s NYC Transit, you are!

In today’s edition of the New York Daily News, Pete Donohue w/Kamelia Angelova will have a report about the NYC Transit report that gives high marks for the air conditioning in NYC Subway cars. Here is a brief sample of his report:

Baby, it’s cool down there – except on the E train.

Subway riders on the E line have the highest chance of getting stuck on a sweltering subway car because of faulty air conditioning, NYC Transit statistics reveal.

An impressive 97.3% of all subway cars were adequately chilled by NYC Transit’s standards when checked by transit workers in June and July, according to agency data.

The number of cars without air conditioning was cut virtually in half from 5.2% last summer to 2.7% this year.

But just 83% of E-line cars were 78 degrees or cooler.

Click here to read the entire report.

Here is the entire list with their car passing percentage:

I am going to test my sister later today when I speak to her. I’m going to ask if she could guess which line had the lowest passing grade for air conditioned cars. I strongly believe she will accurately guess the E train. For years she has rode the line when she was not driving her car & during the summer she would complain about the air condition in the line’s cars. Either she would complain about it not working properly or even worse not working at all. I can’t wait to hear that tone of disgust in her voice when we discuss this report. Good times, well not for her.

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well I haven’t been on the E just yet but I’m sure its torture.. There is nothing worse then getting in a subway car that is poorly air conditioned in brutal 90 degree temps especially at rush hour when the train is packed.. I sure hope the mta does something about the air conditioning of the E trains so hopefully people wont have to suffer next summer.

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Anyone interested in the ventilation system? Is it possible to get sick on the subway? I think so. People sneeze openly in the air while the windows and end doors are closed. What do you think?

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