Missing Kid Reunited With Mom

The worst nightmare of any parent is to lose their child while out traveling. Sometimes these stories do not have happy endings. Thankfully though this one does as 4 year old Messiah Cummings was reunited with his mother after getting separated from his mother at the Broadway Junction stop.

The mother of 4 departed the train at Broadway Junction and headed up the escalator when she noticed Messiah was missing. As he wondered the station, a man noticed he was crying & offered to help him. He ended up taking him to his job in the Lower East Side where a coworker spotted the child & called 911 who eventually helped reunite him with his mom.

The ending was a good one for Messiah which all of us can be happy about. However many questions remain unanswered including why did the man not notify an officer or transit official at the busy station instead of taking him all the way into Manhattan? It seems I am not alone in wondering about these actions as the cops ended up questioning him. John Annese of the New York Daily News has more:

A man who found a lost 4-year-old boy at a Brooklyn train station was grilled by detectives Tuesday after he took the youngster to his job in Lower Manhattan instead of bringing him to police.

Little Messiah Cummings was reunited with his mom about two hours after the two were separated, and the Manhattan Special Victims Unit questioned the man who found him.

In an interview at the 5th Precinct station house, Messiah told a CBS 2 reporter,“ I didn’t know which way to go and he found me… I miss my mommy, and he take me to his job and he just let me in a room and he come back and he take me down there and take me here,”

The man told police he took Messiah with him because he was late for work, but investigators doubt that story, cop sources said.

And he showed up as a suspect in a prior incident — a past sexual abuse case involving a child, possibly a relative, in the Bronx, sources said.

Manhattan Special Victims Unit investigators were questioning the man Tuesday night. Police do not believe he fondled or touched the boy inappropriately, sources said.

Police and prosecutors were still sorting out what happened, though it’s unclear if the man will face criminal charges in either Tuesday’s incident or the Bronx case.

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I do not want to accuse the man of any wrong doing as no indications are that he did. However he definitely deserves to be questioned as he went about this situation completely wrong.

As I mentioned earlier, I frequently travel in & through this station & regardless of what time it is, one can easily find a police officer or transit employee who could have helped locate Messiah’s mother. I am with the cops and not exactly buying his excuse that he had to get to work and that is why he took him, especially considering his past. Hopefully all the answers will come out in the coming days.

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