A Happy Ending To Poor Parenting

Oh the trouble kids can get themselves into. Parents from all over the world can understand how it is to have a child either try to or successfully run off in some unwanted direction. Most times, nothing serious comes from it but once in awhile that is not the case. This next story qualifies for the latter as 5-year-old Samuel Sosa ended up riding the 1 Train train by himself from the Bronx to the South Ferry terminal. Joe Kemp, Pete Donohue, & Jonathan Lemire of the New York Daily News had more in this report:

Samuel Sosa learned firsthand Monday that the Bronx is up and the Battery’s down. Way, way down.

The precocious 5-year-old boy wandered off from his mom in the morning and hopped on a southbound No. 1 train, riding it from the Bronx all the way to the end of the line in lower Manhattan.

Sammy, as he is known to his family, was on the train for a remarkable 34 stops until alert conductors noticed him still sitting in his seat after the train went out of service at South Ferry.

Although he gave his mother the scare of her life, the boy was unfazed by his underground adventure.

“I feel fine,” he said after he was reunited with his relieved mom, Griselda.

The amazing, hour-long train trek began at 7:40 a.m. when Sammy quietly walked away from his mother and boarded the downtown-bound train at the 225th/Marble Hill station.

Samuel, who had the day off from school, was being taken to a baby-sitter on W. 171st St. and wanted to take the bus, but his mother insisted that they board the subway, she said.

“He was mad [because] he wanted to take the bus,” Griselda Sosa said. “I said, ‘No, we’ll take the train.'”

Her son apparently resigned himself to that decision, because he turned around and headed for the station – even though his mother was first making a quick stop at a bodega.

“When I open the door, I don’t see him,” she said.

Fearing that her boy may have stubbornly boarded the bus, Sosa ran to the nearby stop but didn’t see the boy. She then dashed up the stairs to the elevated train station, but her son was nowhere to be seen.

Investigators believe Samuel had already slipped underneath the turnstile in the station and boarded the 1 train heading downtown.

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I am glad to hear this story had a happy ending. However I feel that parents have to pay extra attention to their kids when it is possible for them to run off to anywhere in public like this. I have to question how you are that out of touch with what is going on that your kid was able to hop in the subway like this. I have frequented that station many times over the years & it is not a short distance from the street level to the boarding platform area. I even have a good idea of what store she was in as I have been in that store before. Seriously, what the hell was she doing that he was able to pull this off?

I think it is pathetic to see her smiling with her son in the picture. She should not even want to be seen after such an event. A complete lack of parenting skills in this case does not deserve positive media attention.

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