Bedbugs Strike Again

At the rate this is going, I will probably need to make a category for all these bedbug stories! The disgusting & useless animals have once again been sighted on a NYC Subway. This time the unfortunate victim is the R Train.

Since last Wednesday, MTA NYC Transit has had to take 3 R Train trains out of service due to bedbug sightings. Pete Donohue of the New York Daily News has more:

Bedbugs have jumped over to the R train — one subway line that had not been affected by a series of recent sightings of the dreaded bloodsuckers riding the rails.

Since last Wednesday, Sept. 3, the Metropolitan Transportation Authority has taken three R trains out of service after receiving reports of bedbugs on board, transit sources said.

“The MTA is losing the war on bed bugs,” said Joe Costales, a chairman with the subway workers union, Transport Workers Union Local 100.

The MTA confirmed that it fumigated 16 trains after bedbugs were found on board last month.

In addition to the September sightings on the trio of R trains, an A train was sent to a rail yard after a bedbug sighting was made within the last week, the sources said.

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This is becoming a huge nightmare for the agency. Sadly I can picture the TWU using this as an issue to attack the much maligned agency. However I don’t know how much can be expected from them as it is the riders who are bringing them into the system. So fumigating on a regular basis would probably be a big waste of financial resources.

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