A Train Heads The Wrong Way

A Train

The MTA more specifically the NYC Subway just can’t get out of the news. If it is not yet another appearance of bed bugs (more on that shortly), we now find out that an A Train train headed the wrong way on August 11th.

The incident started when a Queens-bound A Train was heading downtown towards Canal St when signal delays started to cause delays. While at the station, the dispatcher told the train operator to head back uptown which is exactly what happened.

However a major mistake was made as instead of heading towards the spur track just south of the Canal St station to maneuver to the uptown tracks via a crossover switch, the operator continued uptown on the downtown tracks. Thankfully they saw its following Queens-bound train idling at the West 4th St station.

The crew claims to have not heard the emergency radio broadcasts which is extremely alarming albeit not a new issue to those in the know. For quite some time I have personally heard about complaints with the current radios not being as reliable as the older models along with parts of the system being practical dead zones for communications.

As one would expect, the train crew has been reassigned pending the outcome of an investigation. I am real curious as to what the investigation reveals as I can’t see this being complete negligence on the part of the train operator as my gut tells me it is more to the story. Only time will tell.

We can all agree that we are thankful no one was hurt in what could have been a huge disaster.

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