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5 days ago, I wrote an entry about the New York Times City Room Blog having the Straphangers Campaign‘ lawyer & main face Gene Russianoff answer transit related questions in a 4 part series. The series has concluded & I have gone through all the questions & answers that were posted. To be honest, I expected a bit more from this Q&A series.

Unfortunately for Gene, the quality of many of the questions was severely lacking & I’m sure many would agree with me. How could of a question about the air brakes playing something from West Side Story make the cut? This question had to be put in for comic relief right? I also question Sarah wondering about why ceilings are not painted when a station is renovated. While it is not the worst question in the world, I wonder what were the other 2 questions she had that were not answered! Seriously the West Side Story question irked me!

I can only hope that a better organized Q&A session can be done in the future as it is a pleasure to hear from a bright transit advocate such as Gene Russianoff.

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I came across this though a search for “West Side Story” and “subway” because I actually noticed this and was curious if it was intentional (I assumed no, but, ya never know…)

I have to admit that I have never watched “West Side Story” so this was news to me that a tune from it is played when the air brakes are released. I have no idea if it is intentional though. Maybe you can e-mail the MTA or the train manufacturer to ask,

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