New South Ferry Station To Open In December

One of the more unheralded projects being worked on over recent time was the completion of a new South Ferry station/terminal. If you have ever rode the 1 train to South Ferry you are well aware of having to be in the first 5 cars to exit the station. How could any of us ever forget the typical holdup at Chambers St where they give you a chance to move up to the first 5 cars. Well thankfully as of this December, all of those little nuances that made the 1 train what it is will come to end as a new South Ferry station opens. Julie Shapiro of the Downtown Express has more in this report:

The new South Ferry station on the 1 subway line will open in December, the Metropolitan Transportation Authority announced this week. The new station will be big enough to allow all of the cars to load and unload passengers, so riders will no longer have to rush up to the front of the train.

The new platforms will be straight lines, eliminating the need for the moving platforms in the current station. The new station will have three entrances: at the front of the Staten Island Ferry terminal, on a traffic island in front of the terminal and across the street by Battery Park. The M.T.A. may preserve part of the old station.

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This is a welcome relief to many who use the 1 to reach South Ferry. I feel this project will vastly improve service on the 1 train from terminal to terminal.

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And now the newspapers are reporting it will open January 2009.

I also have a question to ask you, but I can’t find any email address or working “contact me” link on either of your two websites. So could you please email me? Thanks.

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