Site Outage 03-30

I would like to take this time & apologize for yesterday’s downtime. I noticed something was wrong during the late morning hours as I went to see if I had any e-mails from the MTA. I could not access my e-mail & immediately noticed the site was down. A short time later, I found out the company where I have my NYC server at was under a major attack. Outages were across their entire network from coast to coast.

So by the end of tomorrow (if not sooner), I should be fully caught up with recent news. Some of the entries will include the Rider Report Card results for the 1 Train & W Train.

xoxo Transit Blogger

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I hope you put up the results for the 1 soon i used to ride that train alot and ohh the headaches i would get sometimes.. especially on the weekend since they started doing the 96st station construction.

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