QM24 Moving To 6th Avenue

Earlier today, the MTA Bus Company announced that its QM24 express bus route would now operate on 6th Avenue instead of 8th Avenue. The 3rd Avenue portion of service remains unchanged. Here are details courtesy of a press release:

MTA Bus Company announced that beginning today, Monday, April 18, the QM24 will operate along 6th Avenue instead of 8th Avenue in Midtown Manhattan between 34th Street and 57th Street. The current 3rd Avenue branch remains unchanged.

The QM24 provides weekday peak period service between Glendale, Queens and Midtown Manhattan, operating in two branches; one along 3rd Avenue and one that operated along 8th Avenue. The QM24 is one of the few express routes not serving 6th Avenue – the center of the Midtown business district. In addition, by operating along 8th Avenue, the bus had to travel a longer path through Manhattan.

In order to provide more efficient service on a centrally located street in the heart of the commercial and office center of Midtown, MTA Bus will now operate the QM24 along 6th Avenue reducing travel time through Manhattan by approximately 6 minutes per trip.

All QM24 bus stops west of 6th Avenue (on 34h Street, 8th Avenue and 57th Street) are discontinued. New stops have been added along 6th Avenue at 35th Street, 37th Street, 43rd Street, 50th Street and 56th Street. All QM24 bus stops in Queens remain the same.

By utilizing 6th Avenue, MTA Bus expects to improve travel time, reliability and marketability, thus attracting additional ridership and revenue.

Call me crazy but it seems weird that the MTA would issue this press release on the same day the service change begins.

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please advise if the QM24 is running from glendale to manhattan.

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