Metro-North PM & AM Update

Here is the latest update I received from the Metro-North just now:

In the aftermath of the Blizzard of 2013, restoration of service on MTA Metro-North Railroad is nearly complete with afternoon peak service today near normal and a full complement of trains on all lines with the exception of the Waterbury branch and three combined trains on the New Haven Line.

Beginning Wednesday morning, Metro-North will provide a regular weekday schedule, including resumption of all Waterbury Branch and Shore Line East trains.

This afternoon, the 5:17 PM to Harrison and the 5:20 PM to New Rochelle are combined, departing Grand Central at 5:20 PM and making all stops from Mount Vernon East to Harrison.

The 4:07 to New Haven and the 4:15 to New Haven are combined, departing Grand Central at 4:15, and making New Rochelle, Rye, and all stops from Rye to New Haven except Rowayton.

The 7:11 PM to Harrison is canceled. Customers may use the 6:45 PM train to Stamford or the 7:16 PM to Stamford instead. It is anticipated that the 7:16 PM to Stamford will be very crowded and customers should try to use the 6:45 PM train.

These changes were necessitated by a shortage of New Haven Line train cars, due to weather-related failures and an ongoing effort to dig out cars from yards that were buried under mounds of snow. These three trains were selected to affect the fewest number of customers.

Hudson and Harlem Line trains have been operating without car shortages, but most trains on the New Haven will continue be short one to two cars, which probably will cause standees.

About half the 50% of the New Haven Line fleet is brand-new M-8 cars, which are functioning very well in the snow. The oldest cars, the M-2s, also are functioning well because they have been through the Critical System Replacement program, which was intended to extend their useful lives until all 405 M-8 cars on order are delivered. The M-4 and M-6 cars have not been upgraded and about two-thirds of them are shopped due to high voltage electrical failures.

Customers should take care when traveling and allow for additional travel time and should use caution when entering and exiting trains, and on platforms and staircases.

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