M50 Weekend Service Reinstated

When the last round of service cuts took place last year, it was highlighted how bus service took the brunt of it. One of the services affected was the M50 which lost its weekend service. Flash forward to a short time ago where MTA NYC Transit announced that as of this Sunday, weekend service will be reinstated albeit on a shorter route. Here are the details via its press release:

MTA New York City Transit announced that effective Sunday, July 3, the route of the M50 will be shortened at the eastern end from East 41st Street and 1st Avenue to East 48th Street and 1st Avenue. This will allow weekend M50 service to be restored.

As a result of the June 2010 Service Reductions, the M50 operated weekdays only. Approximately 2,200 weekend customers were required to use other nearby crosstown services which added, on average, 12 minutes to their trip. Shortening the M50 route will allow weekend service to be reinstated which will better serve the customers along 50th Street at no extra cost to the agency.

Service will operate every half hour from 7 a.m. to 11 p.m. on Saturdays and Sundays. The route will begin and end on East 49th Street at 1st Avenue on weekdays and weekends. Weekday schedules and spans remain unchanged.


The M50 will travel its current route on West 50th Street, right on 2nd Avenue, left on East 48th Street, left on 1st Avenue, left on East 49th Street to the last stop and terminal on East 49th Street, far side of 1st Avenue. The Eastbound destination sign will read: M50, East Side, Crosstown, 49th St-1st Av. Bus stops on 2nd Avenue at East 46th Street, on East 42nd Street at 2nd Avenue and on East 42nd Street at 1st Avenue will be discontinued.


The M50 will begin from the new terminal and first stop on 49th Street on far side of 1st Avenue then continue on the current route on East 49th Street. Bus stops on East 41st Street at 1st Avenue, on 1st Avenue at East 42nd Street and on 1st Avenue at East 45th Street will be discontinued.

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