BxM2 Revises Northbound Route In Manhattan

Yesterday afternoon, MTA Bus announced that beginning on Sunday, April 17, the northbound Manhattan route of the BxM2 would be revised. Here are the details courtesy of the press release I received:

MTA Bus Company announces that beginning Sunday, April 17 the BxM2 express bus route to Riverdale will be revised in order to provide consistent service along the Upper East Side of Manhattan. Currently, the BxM2 from Riverdale travels south on Fifth Avenue from West 106th Street, then turns west on 79th Street using the Transverse through Central Park to Columbus Avenue, then south on Columbus Avenue to Broadway serving stops along the route to drop-off customers.

On the return trip, however, the BxM2 traveled north on Broadway to Amsterdam Avenue, east on West 72nd Street to Central Park West (CPW), then north on CPW to West 96th Street and through Central Park using the 96th Street Transverse to Madison Avenue, then north on Madison Avenue. The bus traveled non-stop between CPW and West 81st Street and Madison Avenue at 99th Street. The different travel paths were an inconvenience to round-trip customers because they had to walk up to one mile to access the bus to return to Riverdale.

In order to increase customer convenience and marketability, we revised the Riverdale-bound route to operate from Broadway to Amsterdam Avenue, east on West 81st Street and through Central Park using the 79th Street Transverse (instead of the 96th Street Transverse) to Madison Avenue. This will allow access to the Upper East Side to serve bus stops on Madison Avenue proximate to the southbound stops on Fifth Avenue. We also expect customers visiting venues along the Museum Mile to benefit from the route change as well.

There would be no change in operating costs and we expect that over time, the reroute will generate increased ridership and revenue.

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In view of changes made in the north bound bus route for the BXM2 bus, it would be very helpful if MTA bus company made available to riders a published revised bus schedule for this bus. Particularly of interest are the passenger pickup locations

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