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For those in Staten Island, the Bricktown Mall is a big shopping destination with many stores like Home Depot & Target on the premises. The MTA has decided to make getting there easier by having the S74, S78, & S84 service the mall. Here are details courtesy of the press release I received:

MTA New York City Transit announces that the S74/S84 and the S78 was rerouted to serve the Bricktown Mall shopping center in the Charleston section of Staten Island. The new service began on Sunday, April 24.

The Bricktown Mall is a 400,000-square-foot shopping center housing several large stores including Home Depot, Target and Bed, Bath and Beyond. In addition, the South Shore Commons has opened on the south side of Veterans Road West which contains several popular stores and restaurants.

“The route changes now provide a much needed link to these two commercial areas and they will prevent customers from having to walk along Veterans Road West, which in places has no sidewalks or curbs,” noted NYC Transit President Thomas F. Prendergast.

With the opening of the Charleston Depot in January 2011, NYC Transit now has the opportunity to efficiently serve the mall, without having buses make long, non-revenue trips back to the Yukon Depot. Having these buses terminate at the mall will also resolve the problem of these buses laying over on Main Street in downtown Tottenville.

The S74/S84 will divert to the mall via Veterans Road West and the S78 will extend its route from Tottenville to the mall via Arthur Kill Road and Veterans Road West. The new bus stops and terminals for both routes will be within the Bricktown Mall on Mohr Street at Tyrellan Avenue.


Borough President James P. Molinaro said:

“After a long battle with the Bricktown Mall owners, we appreciate the fact that they’ve acquiesced in permitting bus service into the mall. This new service will accommodate many seniors who don’t have driving opportunities and must depend upon friends and charitable organizations to go shopping.”

Congressman Michael Grimm:

“I am grateful to the MTA and Blumenfeld Corporation for working with my fellow elected officials and recognizing the need to provide this service to our constituents. This is a win-win situation for the merchants and employees of the Bricktown and South Shore commons shopping centers, but also for Staten Island consumers who will now enjoy easier access to one of our borough’s top shopping destinations.”

State Senator Andrew Lanza:

“I am extremely encouraged by the MTA’s decision to add new bus service in the Charleston area of Staten Island. We have worked with the MTA over the past several months with respect to the opportunities for them to fill the gaps in service which exist, especially on the South Shore of Staten Island. I am extremely heartened that the MTA has decided favorably in this instance. The additional service will mean added convenience for Staten Island riders and provide support for local jobs.”

State Assemblyman Lou Tobacco:

“The extension of the S74 bus route to the Bricktown Mall is a long overdue victory for Staten Island’s shoppers, workers and commuters. I have consistently called attention to this issue throughout my time in office, and I commend the MTA for providing this essential service that Staten Islander’s expect out of their tax dollars. I thank my colleagues in state and local government, as well as the people of our community, for their hard work and dedication in seeing this issue through to its completion.”

Councilman Vincent Ignizio:

“This is shaping up to be a great week for Staten Island bus service enhancements. First we saw the improvements and additional runs to the X22 announced, and now my colleagues in government and I can fulfill a promise we made years ago to bring employees and shoppers alike to the Bricktown and South Shore commons shopping center. I am grateful to the MTA and Blumenfeld Corporation for working with us to make this a reality. In order for busing to be successful, it has to go where people want to go. This is acknowledgment of that fact by the MTA and we are pleased to have all worked together to get it done.”

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I come to this bus stop hours earlier than ETA & the bus is always a hour or more not on time. That’s not fair and unexplainable why I should pay for this.

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