3 Train Service Alert

The MTA has posted a service alert regarding the 3 train. The service alert reads:

Due to an ongoing rail condition at the 34th Street-Penn Station, please expect delays in service on the Flatbush-bound trains and the Utica Avenue-bound trains at this time.

Does anyone proofread these alerts before they are posted? Last I check the 3 train is always scheduled to run to New Lots Avenue. The only time it does not is for its overnight shuttle service between 148th Street & 135th Street in Harlem. Sorry it is a pet peeve to see such errors posted almost daily!

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Where’s the error? The 3 runs in Brooklyn to Utica Ave. Meanwhile, the 3 isn’t always scheduled to run to 148th St. After 11:30 p.m., there is no 3 service.

Hello Benjamin,

I know the 3 turns into a shuttle after 11:30. I just have always known it to be scheduled to terminate at New Lots Avenue when it is running to Brooklyn. Unless something has changed, its terminal is not Utica Avenue.

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