Man Charged With Providing Transit Data To Al Qaeda

Earlier today, court papers were unsealed to reveal that a 26 year old man named Bryant Neal Vinas was charged with providing al Qaeda with data on NYC Transit & the Long Island Rail Road. He was also charged with taking part in a rocket attack on US troops in Afghanistan. Lets take a look […]

MTA Has Filed Countersuit Against Lockheed Martin

At the end of April, I blogged about Lockheed Martin suing the MTA over the agency’s alleged interference in following through on a $300M contract to install a network of digital security cameras. The MTA has officially punched back as earlier today, they filed countersuit against the company. Tom Namako of the New York Post […]

Lockheed Martin Sues The MTA

Everyone remembers the horrific September 11th attacks which forever changed the world. The attacks put a huge spotlight on our nation’s security on many levels. One of the most vital levels was in the form of transportation. With that in mind, it was a given that protecting the MTA’s infrastructure would rank as being of […]

NYS Comptroller Talks About MTA Capital Security Program

Yesterday afternoon, New York State Comptroller Thomas P. DiNapoli released a report which talked about the new challenges that the MTA Capital Security Program will face. Here is a sample of the press release that came with the report: The New York Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) has made a number of important security improvements, but […]

MTA Unveils New Anti-Terrorism Advertisements

Just a short while ago the MTA unveiled their new anti-terrorism advertisements. The new ads are an update to the award winning “See Something, Say Something” campaign. The press release to talk about them should be up later today but here are the details now (including a link to the new ads): The Metropolitan Transportation […]