MTA Has Filed Countersuit Against Lockheed Martin

At the end of April, I blogged about Lockheed Martin suing the MTA over the agency’s alleged interference in following through on a $300M contract to install a network of digital security cameras. The MTA has officially punched back as earlier today, they filed countersuit against the company. Tom Namako of the New York Post has more in this report:

The MTA fired back at a major defense contractor today, saying Lockheed Martin bungled an anti-terror program to link 2,000 subway security cameras capable of “intelligent video” to huge surveillance command centers.

Only 1,400 of 1,750 cameras have been installed, and few are actually working, MTA attorney Ronnie Hakim told a City Council committee.

Also, 15 of 40 construction jobs needed to finish the massive security overhaul are delayed — with 8 of them more than a year behind schedule, Hakim said.

The MTA also fired a cutting response to Lockheed’s blockbuster April lawsuit filed in Manhattan federal court by filing their own counter-suit against the firm.

The counterclaim blasts Lockheed on several fronts, saying that the firm’s system failed repeatedly during tests at a center located at Mitchell Field on Long Island, that Lockheed falsely claimed that the work was progressing, that an MTA inspector was injured by poorly-maintined scaffolding , and that Lockheed’s subcontractors botched installation of arial wires across a bridge.

The agency also defaulted the firm and trash-talked Lockheed’s track record as a defense contractor for the federal government.

“Lockheed has had problems in different kinds of programs. You may have read about problems they had with some of their defense contracts,” Hakim said.

The developments are a major setback for subway security — and the MTA will likely face serious legal fees in the near future, said Councilman John Liu, chair of the committee.

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This is clearly headed for a long drawn out battle which is a complete shame. The 8th anniversary of the September 11th attacks is not far off & next to no progress has been made on the creation of a digital security system within the subway. I & many others find this to be completely unacceptable. Regardless of who is to blame, the fact is something needs to be done about creating a legitimate & worthwhile security system. Anything less will just serve as a further disservice to the millions who ride the rails.

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