Staten Island Railway Earns Another C+

The song remains the same for the Staten Island Railway as it once again earned an overall grade of C+ in this year’s Rider Report Cards. Here is the press release that the MTA sent out via e-mail earlier today:

MTA Staten Island Railway (SIR) customers who responded to the second annual Rider Report Card survey judged the overall score to be the same this year as 2007, holding at a grade of C-plus. However, while the 14.3-mile railway did see improvement in several key areas, management was reminded that there is still work to be done.

Riders graded the line in 21 areas, including “Minimal delays during trips,” “Adequate room on board at rush hour,” “Cleanliness of stations,” “Station Announcements that are easy to hear,” “Lack of scratchitti in subway cars” and “Availability of MetroCard Vending Machines.” This year, 805 riders graded SIR service, with 785 votes tallied by mail and 20 via the Internet; that’s compared with a total of 1,680 responses received in 2007 – 1,413 through the mail and 267 internet responses.

Riders graded “Trains depart and arrive as scheduled” a “B” this year compared to a grade of “B-minus” in 2007. “Adequate room on board at rush hour” improved from a “C-minus” in 2007 to “C” in 2008. “Sense of security in stations” maintained a grade of “C” in 2008, while “Sense of security on trains” also held steady with a grade of “C”. SIR customers graded “Working elevator at St. George” a B-minus in 2008, up from the previous year’s grade of C-plus. “Station announcements that are easy to hear” got a “C” this time around, up from “C-minus,” and “Station announcements that are informative” also went up from a “C-minus” last year to “C” in 2008.

“While the overall grade at the Staten Island Railway maintained a level of C-plus, we are encouraged that customers saw improvement in some areas that we have worked very hard on,” said NYC Transit President Howard H. Roberts, Jr. “Realizing that we have a way to go before we achieve the results that we believe we are capable of, we will continue the effort to boost the grades on SIR.”

SIR riders were also asked to prioritize the improvements they would like to see. As they did in 2007, riders listed “Adequate room on board at rush hour” in the top slot. However, the next two, “Cleanliness of cars” and “Sense of security on trains” rose from the fifth and fourth positions, respectively, last year.

As of this moment the full breakdown of grades has not been posted.

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