Rider Report Card Briefs

NY1 has posted a few brief notes on the “Rider Report Card” results for the , , & Staten Island Railway. I continue to wait for the MTA to post the full results for the R, & V as I have seen links to them for a good 3-4 days now. However the links continue to open a “Page Not Found” page. As of now, here is what we know about the results.

The R & V both finished with an overall grade of C-. They also both earned a D for station & train announcements. As far as the Staten Island Railway goes, it earned an overall grade of C+. The highest grade earned was a B for minimal delays. The lowest grade was a C- which it earned in 3 categories. The three categories were station announcements, train announcements, & graffiti in cars. The top 3 priorities were adequate room on board during rush hour, a sense of security in stations, & trains arriving/departing on time. As usual, you can expect a full breakdown of the grades along with my analysis when the results are posted.

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