J & Z = Subpar

The title of this entry is quite accurate if you ask me. Forget the fact that the latest rider report card grades are in for the J & Z with an outcome that won’t please the MTA. I felt these lines were subpar for years & it seems most J & Z riders agree as both lines got an overall grade of a C-.

The full results will most likely be released later today but some of the results have been leaked to the public. From what we know so far, this is hands down the worst grade out from the report cards so far. Out of the 21 individual category grades, the J & Z earned a D+ or lower in 38% of them (8 out of 21)! They also earned a C+ or above in only ONE category. Ouch! The highest grade was a B- for Metrocard Vending Machine (MVM) availability. The lowest grade was a D for the ability to hear station announcements.

The 3 top issues riders had with the J & Z were:

    Wait times for trains
    Trip delays
    Sense of security aboard the trains

In my opinion these three reasons are dead on & cover most of why the J & Z are subpar lines. It is funny that security was one of the main issues as I recently read a topic asking about it on the J train. The topic in question was posted on The Straphangers Campaign’s Rider Diaries forum.

I personally try to stay away from the line unless absolutely necessary. While I feel it serves as a superior alternative to the E train for Queens residents going to Lower Manhattan, it does have its share of sketchy riders. I sometimes ride the line for a couple of stops when I am trying to get back home from the lower east side & need the Lexington Avenue lines. I always notice how sketchy some of the riders look at those times of the night. I have heard from friends who live along the line that they don’t like to be on the train past certain stops at certain times of the night. I hear the line is notorious for its share of muggings which does not surprise me based on what I’ve seen.

As far as comments go, some have chimed in about the results. Gene Russianoff of The Straphangers Campaign had this to say:

“If the next two or three reports show the same kind of numbers, it will be disappointing. The similarity might just reflect the fact that, in the view of the public, the transit system is performing about average or below average.”

NYC Transit president Howard Roberts seemed confused by the results based on what he has seen. Here is what he had to say:

“The news riders are giving us doesn’t reconcile with the statistical performance standards we are currently using. Clearly we need to take a harder look at not only what we’re doing but how we’re doing it.”

I do want to quickly address how disappointed I am about the amount of votes received for this report card. The MTA handed out more than 58,000 report cards & they only received approximately 2000 replies! I’m sorry but that is completely unacceptable from riders who constantly complain about the service they receive from the MTA. Considering that some of the cards were probably filled out online, hardly any physical cards were mailed back in.

How can people expect change when they sit back & not say a word to the right people? The lack of effort from riders really disgusts me when you know these are the same riders who are first to criticize. So you have the energy to complain until the cows come home but can’t fill out a card to backup your complaints? Shame on you!!!!!!!!

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I take the J or M from Bway/Myrtle on weekday mornings at 7:10-:20 or :30 why does an exp train come evry 10 mins during rush hr? I filled out the online survey 10x the trains are overcrowded during the morning rush and there is not enough of a police presance around the station at night but i have a feeling that after enough hipsters get robbed and start complaining about the service things will change. Not to mention that there will be no link to the new 2nd ave subway line and the s*#t Brown line

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