Farewell To A Wrestling God

January 29, 2006 marked the end of an error for JBL, no not the wrestling god himself but Jamaica Bus Lines. This day marked the last it would operate service as a private bus company in NYC. The MTA was taking over the company starting the very next day.

Like Command, & Green Bus Lines before it, I never rode JBL until its final day of operations. I originally wanted to do a farewell ride/shoot on the 28th but I got too late of a start to my day. I knew the weather would be bad but I hoped I & my camera would be able to make it through the day.

I’m happy to report the shooting went very well as I’m pleased with the results. I made sure to be extra careful with my camera as this was my first ever attempt in shooting in the rain. I would like to say the farewell ride went without a problem but I would be lying if I did.

I originally was going to take the Q111 or Q113 from Jamaica Center to their depot. However I decided to take it from 88th Ave & Parsons Blvd instead. I arrived at 51 St so I could catch the E to Union Tpke followed by the F to Parsons Blvd. However the E had a G.O. sending all trains to 179th St with an E shuttle train running between Union Tpke & Jamaica Center.

I eventually made it out to 88th Ave & Parsons Blvd. I made my way to the first stop & the bus arrived shortly thereafter. I boarded the Q113 (3861) & sat down to soak in the ride. However the glory would be short lived.

I noticed the right windshield wiper overlapped into the left side of the windshield. I assume this is why the driver had it off. The left wiper which worked kept banging against the right one. My first ride on JBL would be short lived because two blocks after it started, the left wiper fell down to the street.

The driver stopped the bus & got out attempting to fix it. However her attempts were unsuccessful. She called the depot & they told her to go out of service & that they would send a replacement bus.

Some of the riders got off after she flagged down her follower to stop & take them. I remained on as I was in no specific rush as I had enough time to make it back for the #1 vs #2 showdown in women’s college hoops & the Royal Rumble later that evening.

The few riders who stayed on our bus were growing impatient. She flagged down the next bus as she was on the phone with the depot wondering where the bus was. They said it would only be 10-15 minutes & of course that turned out to be bullshit.

Since everyone was getting off to board the 2nd bus, I decided I’d go too as I didn’t want to be the only one left. So I boarded the 2nd bus which was another Q 113 (#551) & I was finally on my way to the depot.

I got to the depot, took a ton of pictures from all over the property. After shooting for probably over an hour, I boarded the Q113 (#551) & made my way home. Maybe when I do a farewell ride/shoot on Triboro, it will go without incident!

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