Won’t You Be My Nosy Neighbor

One of the things I can’t stand is a nosy person. While human nature makes us all somewhat curious by default, some people just run well beyond that point. This was quite evident to me this past Monday.

I was on a Brooklyn-bound D Train train heading to 59th Street-Columbus Circle where I would catch a C Train train to 23rd Street in Chelsea. While I was sitting in my seat listening to my mp3 player, a young man boarded & took out his laptop. He sat across from me with no one around him like was the case for myself.

As people got on & sat elsewhere in the car near us, I noticed more & more people were trying to glance at whatever had him preoccupied. One woman kept looking his direction every 10 seconds to see if she could get a reflection of whatever was on the screen. However the real kicker was a woman who was getting off at my same stop. She was clearly dying to know what he was looking at & was going to find out one way or another.

So as the train is approaching the station, she stands up to go near the door. Normal people face the door & wait for the train to stop & for them to open. She decides instead to purposely turn & lean against the door while standing next to the guy with the laptop. She flat out leaned her head towards him & started looking at it.

I am just sitting there in my seat looking in amazement at her audacity. If that was me, I would have asked her if she wanted an autograph since she was dying to be near me or whatever witty sarcasm I am known for.

What made her feel that she just had the right to know what he was looking at? Yes, when we are in public, we lose most of our rights to privacy. However we still do maintain private space rights & just basic common sense decency. I know most people are nosy but this woman clearly took it to the extreme.

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