When Pigs Stay Status Quo

This story takes place during the afternoon of November 7, 2005. I was on a downtown 5 train (6379) on my way to Brooklyn Bridge/City Hall. The photo itch was upon me & I intended to satisfy it. I decided I would shoot at a few stations in Brooklyn along the J, M, & Z.

I had a corner seat & noticed 2 young females sit across from me. My first guess was these two friends were in their late teens. One of the females was very tall. I originally noticed her leaning against the door when I first boarded the train. She was the topic of conversation amongst 2 friends who originally occupied the seats the two teens & I would eventually occupy.

The tall female had a serious case of the munchies by her own admission. She was scarfing down small bags of chips, & such. I bet most females would hate her as it looked like she wouldn’t gain a pound. Let me not digress however. So when she sat down with her friend, the munchies continued. She had a bag full of junk food & was continuing to scarf down.

The last thing she had in her bag was a bottle of what looked like Hawaiian Punch. I figured she would put all her stuff away in the plastic bag when she was done. I was unfortunately way off base as after she finished each item, she threw the garbage under the seat.

The other friend only had a beverage & she finished it. She looked at her friend & looked like she wondered why all the trash was thrown under the seat including the bag. I couldn’t make out what her reason was but it seemed convincing enough. Why do you ask? Well because her friend took her bottle & threw it underneath the seat as well.

I just glanced at them & thought what pigs these two are. I wonder if they treat their home as they did car # 6379. I got up from my seat as my stop was approaching. I glanced at them one last time & fully understood what it meant “When Pigs Stay Status Quo”

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