The Great 6 Train Puke & Debate

The night of June 30th turned out to be quite interesting. The plan was to head to Penn Station & hop the LIRR out to see my best friend Tricia. I was running late as usual but felt confident I’d make it to Penn Station on time. However the start to the commute was quite interesting!

I had planned on walking down to Parkchester to hop the 6. However I looked at the time & thought there is a chance I might miss this train. I say this because I have noticed a good portion of the 6 trains will shave off 1-3 minutes from the time they are scheduled to arrive. Based on my average walk time, I would have easily beat the scheduled arrival. However if this train shaved, I was screwed.

So I decided to catch a cab & take it to 138th St – 3rd Ave. I figured I would easily catch the prior train to the one I chose not to walk to. When the cab was driving on the highway, I saw the prior 6 train leaving Whitlock Ave. & heading towards Hunts Point Ave. I’m happy as I’m sure I’d easily beat the 6 to 138th St. – 3rd Ave.

However this was not to be as I missed that train by seconds! I was baffled that I missed it to be honest with you. If I had to bet, I would have pushed all in that I would have made it. My downfall ended up being my own lack of memory in relation to main entrances. I totally forgot that the main entrance to that station is not the 138th St. – 3rd Ave. one. I told the cab to drop me off right near that entrance.

I ended up passing the main entrance at 138th St. & Alexander Ave. Since I needed to buy a Metrocard, I had to walk back to the main entrance. So as I head downstairs & race to the MVM, I hear the train pulling in. I purchased my Metrocard as fast as humanly possible. By time I got it & started towards the staircase, it had closed its doors. Needless to say I was not thrilled at spending $10 to catch the train I could have made for free at Parkchester. It could be worse, I could have missed both which would not have been good!

The strike of midnight is not far off as I ride the 6 train downtown. I’m having a mental debate about where I should get off to head to Penn Station. You see, I was rushing to make it to Penn Station as I had to catch a specific train. I was on my way out to the island to see my best friend Tricia. Her phone was dead & it would be a pain to reach her if I missed this train. Plus I do not want to wait another hour for the next one.

The debate boiled down to either of 2 choices. Either I get off at 51 St. & take the E to Penn Station. My other option was to get off at 33rd St. & hop a cab across town. In the end, 33rd St. won the debate. My thinking was I could not guarantee what time the E would show up. I was running short on time, combined with forgetting my E schedule, I felt the cab was the best option.

However before I got off at 33rd St., something happened on the ride down. I was sitting down & rocking out to some music on my mp3 player. The train had a light crowd who all looked ready & eager to get to their destinations. I saw a guy sitting in the corner who kept to himself & seemed normal. Nothing stood out about his actions until he was about to get off.

When we were approaching 86th St., I noticed this same man starting to look anxious to get off. The behavior did seem odd considering he was totally calm prior to that point. When the train platformed & the doors opened, he hurried off the train.

I noticed he started looking wildly in both directions & he sped off towards the actual exit. I thought that was the end of him until I saw one last shot of the man. As the train pulled out of 86th St., I saw the man slouched over a garbage receptacle. He was puking his brains out. For the brief time I & everyone else saw him, he puked out quite a lot. Who knows how long he was there for.

Thankfully we got out of there & I was free to continue with the aforementioned debate.

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