The Crowds, The Crowds!

Well ladies & gentlemen, don’t pass out from the shock. Yes, I have a blog entry for a ride that is under 24 hours old! This might be a record so mark this day down in your blog, diary, journal, scrapbook, etc…. Ok enough horsing around……..

I had an exciting show to attend last night. My lovely friends & second favorite band Dayglow were performing at a big show at Avalon. I’ll skip over the fact that I have always hated this place dating back to it being the infamous “Limelight”. I have lost count of how many times this place has been shutdown & reopened under a new name.

The common sense route for me to take was the 6 to 51 St. for the V to 23rd St. I got to Parkchester & the train was sitting in the station. Normally I would be happy for this especially when I left later than I originally planned. Unfortunately this was the rare time I wish the train had not arrived.

When I know I’m getting off at 51 St for the E or V, I board one of the last 2 cars. These are the best cars to be in when getting off since they are right by the staircase leading to the transfer. I will get on at Parkchester or Castle Hill Ave. & walk to the back. Since the train had already arrived & I was running behind, I just hopped in a car.

The ride on the 6 was fine until we hit 96th St. The crowd already had a normal amount of passengers. When the train reached 96 St. & the subsequent stations, it only got worse! My fear is always being trapped & missing my stop.

The beauty of my local stop is I can always get a seat. I’m about 10 minutes from the beginning of the line. The drawback is when I’m riding into Midtown & beyond. The crowds can become so bad, I am trapped in my seat & can barely see the station if I even do.

I started to wonder what was going with the crowds last night. I am riding the subway in the reverse rush hour peak direction. The reverse peak direction by default has less passengers than its peak counterpart. However last night I felt like I was riding a rush hour peak direction train. I was trapped like a sardine in my corner seat.

The only saving grace I counted on was that a good amount of passengers would get off at 59th St. Thankfully they did but unfortunately even more got on! My last saving grace was many would be getting off at my stop, 51 St. Many got off & thankfully people were nice to clear space for us to get off in one peace! I was expecting the usual bum rush of people onto the train before letting us off.

I will offer myself & everyone reading a big reminder. If you are on the downtown 6 & going to 51 St, ride in the back of the train!!!! It took me over a minute to get to the back of the station with all the idiots stopping short! I hate having my forward progress impeded. I walk fast & in long strides. Any sort of my progress being impeded is beyond frustrating!

P.S. Dayglow’s set kicked ass as usual!!!!!

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