Thank You Toothpick!

I know the title sounds way out there. Why would I be thanking a toothpick? The reason I am thanking the toothpick is because it took me out of my misery.

On November 26, I went out to ride the Grand Street Shuttle along with the D G.O. Since I was starting with the D G.O. first, I made my way to the Fordham Rd. stop. I hopped on the BX22 & took it to the last stop. When I got off at the last stop, I noticed my mp3 player had froze.

My mp3 player was still playing but the buttons would not function. This pissed me off as I like to listen to select songs when I’m out. I usually have a set of songs to match the mood I’m in on a given day. I will listen to a song on repeat for awhile before I switch.

The problem I had was that the play mode was on random. I was at the mercy of the randomness of my player. I tried to give it a minute to see if it would start to work but to no avail. I knew I had to do a reset. Unfortunately I had nothing small enough to fit in the reset hole.

I am downstairs on the platform waiting for a 205th St. bound D. I saw a station cleaner & approached her for assistance. Now that I think about it, asking for a needle does come off as strange. Thankfully she didn’t think it was a strange request. Unfortunately she looked through her key chain & pockets & had nothing small enough.

The next thing I tried was sticking the tip of the pen in the hole. The pen tip was way too big so I was shit out of luck. I had to deal with the circumstances & prepare to start chronicling. The chronicles went off without a hitch. However I still tried to get the buttons to work during them but to no avail.

Desperation started to kick in. How do I know this? Well when I approach a newsstand asking for a needle or safety pin, I can safely say desperation is in full force. The guy at the newsstand seemed to not give a shit & said he didn’t have anything. I got the impression he could have had something right in front of him & would have said no.

Eventually I make my way to Coney Island-Stillwell Ave. on the Brooklyn part of the D G.O. When I got off the train, I was still frustrated at my player. However the forces sent me a pleasant surprise! The second I stepped off the train, I looked at the platform & saw part of a toothpick sitting there.

I knew this was probably my last shot to reset the player until I got home. I picked it up instantly & pulled out my player. Thankfully the part of the toothpick that was there was sharp & fit in the tiny reset hole. I was able to reset my player & become a happy man again!

Thank god I carry a hand sanitizer with me at all times!!!!!

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