Show A Little Class, Will You!

September 20, 2006 was a day I had been anxiously awaiting. On this night I would be heading to Coda to see my friends Dayglow take part in the boot camp for Bodog’s $1,000,000 Battle Of The Bands contest. The night was quite entertaining as I saw some good music with Dayglow being the best of course! Eventually the night would come to an end & I would start to head home.

So it is after 1AM in the morning & I’m on the 6 train heading home. The ride was going well until 2 people got on with 3 children. What was the problem with this? They were pushing these 3 kids in 2 different carriages! We all know how much aisle & seat space one carriage takes up. I’m sure you can imagine how much space 2 takes up!

I felt bad for the passengers who could not sit down because of the space taken up by the carriages. I’m sorry but people need to exercise common sense & carry these carriages folded up! How much of a selfish bastard must one be to take up space from other paying customers? However this wasn’t the only reason I was annoyed at the parents.

The 6 train has a good amount of ridership during the overnight hours. One pattern I have always noticed is no matter how packed the train is, the passengers are usually quiet. The passengers who are loud tend to be your typical Manhattan residents between 20 & 30. When they are long gone, the train usually still has a good sized crowd but of people who are quiet. I feel this is usually because they are mostly tired & want to get home.

I assume the father never got the status quo memo as he was extremely loud the entire time. What made it worse was the fact he was using a lot of vulgar language. How classless must you be to curse in front of your children? I tried listening to some music but kept finding myself picking up some of his rants.

One of his rants had him say “I told this woman to take her fucking child, wait let me not say that she is my daughter”. I now assumed if the 3 kids there were his, one of them was with another woman that wasn’t who he was with. I’m not surprised as you could just tell he was another classless ghetto fuckup.

The look of disgust on my face told the story of how I felt. Yes, he stopped himself from continuing what he was going to say. However this doesn’t change the fact that he should have never even though of saying something classless like that. This is what happens when immature idiots knock up other immature idiots. However this wasn’t the last thing that irritated me about the parents.

The last part that annoyed me was the lack of attention they were paying to the kids. The daughter he originally was commenting on was sitting in her own carriage. She looked at peace & was being fairly quiet. The other carriage had two children one behind the other in it. The second child was playing with an adapter & trying to bite it. The child also was hitting herself with it repeatedly. However these two idiots were so wrapped up in their conversation to even notice.

Thankfully these idiots got off but I could not stop thinking about the unfortunate parents those kids had. It was quite obvious that these kids had a long road ahead of them with these two at the helm. As I saw them get off, I could only hope they find a way to be ok before it is all said & done.

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