Pretty Good For A Change

I found out at the last minute that I needed to go to the bank. This was pretty unexpected as I thought the day for me would be all work. I quickly rush out of the house so I can make it down by 3. I have a quick rant I must share with all of you.

I am sick of my bank being open to 6PM M-F. Why would I complain about that you ask? The reason I am is because cash deposits at a teller do not count the same day if made after 3PM. So in instances like today, I had to run out of the house frantically so I could make it to Midtown by 3.

A cash deposit at a teller should count immediately! Actually with the technological advances in this world, all cash deposits at an ATM or teller should count immediately! I get more annoyed when I pass by 3 banks walking towards the train. The most pathetic thing is how it is easier to get to the Midtown versus a branch in my borough!

Ok I bet you are wondering how the title has anything to do with this entry. Believe me when I tell you it does. I’m done digressing so I will comment on the main point I am trying to make. I usually take the 6 EXP back home. Unfortunately the initial express run between 3rd Ave./E. 138th St. & Hunts Point Ave. crawls.

Today for the first time in ages, the initial run felt like a true express run. I admit for the first 30 seconds it seemed it would be slowness as usual. However I was pleasantly surprised & would give the commute back home an A+!

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