Please Don’t Forget About Me Mr. Bus Driver

Monday December 19th was just one of those days. The type of day where you have different ideas of what you have to get done, but also have a lingering dose of laziness. I wrestled back & forth most of the day & decided not to go far.

I took a 7-8 minute walk to a store on Westchester Ave to see if they had any blinds that I could use for my bedroom window. My luck wasn’t good as the store had nothing that would fit my window.

I ended up getting some Christmas things & decided to try a store in Bruckner Plaza. Unfortunately one store didn’t sell those items & the other had nothing in stock for my size. I decided to go home.

I stroll through the Bruckner Plaza parking lot to the street so I could catch the Bx36 or Bx 39 up White Plains Rd for a short ride. Before I got to the street, I had some idiot almost run me over while backing out of his parking spot.

The bus comes within 2 minutes of me getting to the bus stop. I was the only person on the bus when I boarded & we were on our way. I decide to take the bus past the Parkchester stop & go up a few blocks to use the shortcut to my building.

As I see my stop approaching about a block away, I ring the bell. We get to the light & it finally changes. I am starting to prepare to get off when I notice the bus isn’t slowing down. The bus driver passed the stop by about 10 feet. I was about to say something but before I could, he realized his mistake & stopped the bus.

I got off, picked up a quick dinner, & went home. Thankfully I made it back just in time to catch the beginning of the WWE Raw Visit To The Troops special.

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