Pigs On The LIRR

Normally I am not one for taking pictures of people to post them online & talk negatively about them. I don’t see a point in doing so to comment on someone who dresses in a way you don’t like or does not seem attractive to you. On the other hand, if it is to expose technical wrongs on mass transit, that is a whole different ball game which leads me to this:

Pig on the Long Island Railroad (LIRR) who threw her trash on the floor.
Pig who threw her trash on the floor of a LIRR train.

This past Friday night, I went to see a dear friend of mine perform in Brooklyn. A few hours later, I called it an early night (by my usual standards) & decided to catch the LIRR home around 3 AM. As I expected for an early Saturday morning train, it was filled with the typical obnoxious pricks who make up a high percentage of ridership during the late night hours. Most times I will see a good number of riders board with food that was purchased from inside Penn Station with it usually being either McDonald’s or pizza.

The two ladies who ended up sitting across from me had chosen pizza this particular morning. While we were creeping along, I was enjoying my music when I happened to catch the woman sitting in the aisle seat had just finished her slice. After doing so, I noticed that she waited for about 10 seconds as she was deliberating what to do with the paper plate. After the time elapsed, she decided to just toss it in the aisle. So I decided to just snap a picture & expose her on Twitter (@TransitBlogger) for being the pig she is.

I was disgusted by this & just shot her a look for being such a pig. Was it such a big deal for you to hold your plate until you got off? It sure was not for her friend who threw her plate out into a garbage receptacle at Hicksville when they both got off.

Unfortunately this was not the end of the pig train as when I got off, I noticed more trash laying around as seen below:

I just walked off in anger as I thought of a few things. For starters, why should I or any other respectable passengers have to put up with this? I pay double digits to go to & from Penn Station regardless of when I travel. It is bad enough it is overpriced, I should not have to put up with dirty cars. Also, would these pigs like it if I went to their house & tossed my trash on the floor? I doubt it…..

xoxo Transit Blogger

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