Oh Yes It Is, I’ll Bet You $50

Don’t you just hate when you have a know it all who swears he or she is right? I know I do & for all of us who do, this event will annoy you like it did me. The weather on Tuesday December 27th was beautiful. The skies were clear & the temps were quite nice as far as I was concerned. I decided I would continue my shooting rampage/field practice with my now one month old camera.

The shooting area of choice for the day was Brooklyn along the N & eventually the D & M. I had just finished shooting at Ft. Hamilton Pkwy & got off at New Utrecht Ave to continue my shooting. I departed the car & put my camera bag down on the bench. One young guy asked if this was the right side to get off at 18th Ave & I said yes.

Two minutes later, another 2 guys are walking past me when one sits down on the bench. The other guy told him they had to keep going down the platform to be close to the 18th Ave exit. The first guy wasn’t getting up from the bench until he saw the train coming.

I had finished analyzing what shots I was going to attempt so I started to pull out my camera & put it around my neck. The guy who was sitting down started saying yo or something of the sorts to get my attention. I looked at him & he goes you know that is illegal right.

I correctly told him no it isn’t. He followed that up with yes it is, & I sternly tell him no it isn’t. I know the rules & have been doing it for quite awhile now. I figured he would back off & let it go. I however was dead wrong.

The guy continues on about how it is illegal & how he got a ticket for it which he changed to almost got a ticket for. I told him even more sternly that it isn’t illegal, I know the rules. He kept swearing it was.

I was about to quote him the section of the MTA rules where it isn’t illegal & how their rules apply on their property when he offered to bet me $50. He pulled out his cell phone & said I’ll call 311 & bet you $50 it is illegal.

He asked if I had $50 which I just ignored. Thankfully the train was approaching & he got up & walked down the platform with his friend. I started taking my shots & went about my business. One thing I swear is that us transit photographers should get paid for the stupidity we put up with!

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