Local Subway Service Forgetfulness

Continuing with the theme of this past Friday night/Saturday morning, I admit I was a bit taken back by part of my commute.

At the end of the festivities with my friend, I was not sure if I was going to meet up with anyone else or head to Penn Station & catch the LIRR home. Either way, I was going to put her on the train. We get to the platform & I look at the clock. I realize it is almost 3AM & my next train was not until almost 5.

I decided then & there to hop the A Train with her & go up to at least 125th St & turn back around. I admit it, I don’t have the patience to sit in a railroad station for long periods of time for my train. I figured with the A running local during the overnights, the ride would be slow & I’d kill enough time. Boy was I wrong…..

As the train approached 125th Street, I realized we were not even on the train for 20+ minutes & we were already in Harlem after starting at 14th St. I ended up staying on to the final stop & even with taking the trip back down, I still had time to kill before my train home was to depart.

My mind really was elsewhere that night, especially in terms of my transit knowledge. I am one known for always preaching about people being obsessed with express service & how the time difference between it & local service is usually not that big.

This is the perfect time to promote that I made this very point, especially specifically on the Central Park West run between 59th & 125th Streets when I was interviewed for a subway piece in a recent edition of Time Out New York. The piece was in the January 19th issue & you can read it fully (the print edition cut some parts out) by clicking here.

So in reality, I should have not been surprised at how quick the commute was even with the A running local. I admit it has been awhile since I was on the A that far uptown, it is no excuse for my forgetfulness.

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