It Was Good To Be Back!

Today was the first day I went on the subway in 2007. I ended the last few days of 2006 staying within my neighborhood. I felt like I haven’t been on the subway in ages! The walk to the station was a quick one & the wait for the train was even quicker.

I had to run a few errands today including going to the bank & post office. I boarded the 6 train to 59th St & took in the feeling of being back where I love to be! I have to admit though I was taken back by the amount of people I saw getting once we hit Manhattan. I don’t know why I was surprised though considering it was after 3PM!

I guess being away from the subway made me forget how crazy the Lexington Avenue lines are. I also think the last few rides of 2006 being lighter than usual made me forget. Either way the ride to & from Manhattan was comfortable & painless. Lets hope many of my commutes this year are the same!

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