It Sucks To Be You Now Doesn’t It!

November 5th was a very busy day of railfanning & shooting for yours truly. My main goal was to shoot along the 4 in the Bronx. I managed to do most of the stations. I eventually did a C.O.T. on the D as well. I originally planned on doing one for a G.O. on the C but I knew I wouldn’t have enough time.

Since I’ve been staying at my grandfather’s place, my main goal is to not miss the last Bx5 for the night. I hate wasting cash on a cab when it isn’t a necessity. On a side note, I can’t wait to move to my new place as I won’t have to worry about catching a last bus. I’ll be about a 5 minute walk from the train station. Anyway I have digressed enough.

Since the C.O.T. on the C was out of the question, I winged the rest of the trip. I ended up hopping on the A @ 145th St so I could attempt some underground shots at a few stations. The results were better then what I expected considering the camera I use now.

However this won’t be an issue in a few days as a new camera will be on the scene & this passion of mine will be on a totally different level from everything else. Once again let me not digress though.

I eventually made my way to 190th St. I did some shooting there which was easier then expected because of the nice lighting. I took a look at the time & decided I will start heading back. I crossed over to the downtown side so I can go to 59th St-CC for the uptown 1 to 72nd St, follwed by the 2 to Simpson, & the Bx5 home.

The downtown A arrives a few minutes after I crossover. I boarded car 4022 which was pretty empty. When the train arrived at 181 St, about 9-10 young Jewish adults got on. They all looked to be in their early to mid 20’s at most. They were quite a loud bunch except for one who really didn’t say anything.

I actually felt somewhat sorry for her. I got the feeling she was the extra wheel or the ultimate outsider. I could be wrong but my gut instinct is rarely wrong. I am so glad I had my music as these people were way too loud & were quite annoying.

The story title comes from what happened when the train arrived at 125th St. The group all stood up as the train approached the station. The doors opened & each one stepped off onto the platform.

The problem happened was the conductor seemed to have a fast door trigger & closed the door on the last person who was getting out. His reflexes were slow as he didn’t get his hands out in time to at least attempt the doors from closing.

It seems only one of the group members noticed what happened at the instant it did. Some help she was though as instead of trying to scream at the conductor to open the door for her friend, she found it funny as told the rest what happened. I guess the moron thought the conductor would magically reopen the door.

The man was frustrated that he was stuck. All he could do is get off at 59th St & turn back around. I felt bad for the guy as his misery was entertaining to two black guys in our car. One of them felt the need to laugh out loud & tell the guy you are screwed.

He also notified the guy this was the express & he would have to transfer back at 59th St. I’m sure the last thing this man wanted to deal with was a moron finding this funny & continuing to laugh until atleast 72nd St with his friend.

The guy tried playing it cool but you could tell he felt out of place. Maybe he didn’t know the system well or was new to the city. I actually was thinking about this whole situation for the entire ride down to 59th St-CC. I was thinking about a few things. For starters, I wondered if he knew there was a G.O. happening which had all CPW trains running local from 59th St-CC to 125th St.

Secondly, I was wondering which stop they were originally going to get off at. Lastly I thought how it would make sense for him to call his friends & tell them to hop on the local to whatever stop they were going too & he would meet them there. This is assuming he knew the G.O. was in order. Somehow I doubt he did know about it though. I was going to tell him but when the doors opened at 59th St-CC, he sped off. I was not running after him.

In the end I assume he hopped on the A or D while his friends waited at 125th St for him so they could turn right back around & hop on a downtown local. Oh boy that just sounds like an annoying trip. Hopefully by some miracle my common sense way of dealing with this problem was used. Somehow I doubt it though & it sure sucked to be him that night.

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