It Is Always Trump’s Fault I Guess

I have attended over a thousand shows in my lifetime. The most common theme regardless of who was playing was the crowd always seemed to have that one idiot in the crowd who would request “Freebird”. I started to think, is this person following me from show to show?

Now we have another form of “Freebird” in that anytime something goes wrong or people are annoyed at someone, they must be a Trump supporter. I once again saw this on display Saturday night on a Penn Station bound LIRR train.  I had just boarded the train at Jamaica after getting my haircut & was anxious to get into Manhattan as I was on my way to see an old friend perform.

I am minding my own business when I see a guy standing in the vestibule on his cell phone. He would best be described as a high level corporate America type with a nice salary. He was not speaking any louder than anyone else in the car at the time. However this did not matter to a Woody Allen looking older guy on his computer in that first two seat section with the outlet to plug things into.

He started to complain that the guy should move somewhere else to talk like the next car or something. He even whipped out a bullshit lie about it being against the law to be on the phone in the vestibule. On a side note what is hilariously about his lie is that the LIRR itself suggests cell phone users move to the vestibule to hold conversations. However back to Woody, he even got in the guy’s face to complain & said he would find a LIRR conductor.

Woody waves down a conductor to complain all while the guy calmly sits there on the phone laughing at the stupidity of this guy’s whining. A female passenger even chimed in to say if it is such an issue, why don’t you move to another car, he is not even being loud on his phone at all. The conductor properly informed Woody that the guy was in the right which just made him all flustered. This is where I heard someone chime in that Woody must have been a Trump supporter. I just sighed at that as for starters the comment makes no sense and it is getting old blaming him for every little thing that goes wrong. (Yes, I voted for Trump!)

I thought when the guy came back to sit down this would be the end of things but it was just beginning. So he is sitting there with a smirk on his face. I am sure he caught me smiling at how annoyed Woody was. He proceeds to walk back to the vestibule with his phone which elicited a “oh here we go again” from another passenger.

The guy pretends to start to use his phone but instead decides to start whistling which a few of us started laughing at. He then proceeds to go to the other vestibule and look over what Woody was doing on his computer while whistling. I was dying of laughter inside.

We get to Penn Station and when the doors opened, instead of walking out the door, he waits for Woody to get up and snaps a picture of him while having the biggest smirk on his face before walking off. I am real curious if that photo ended up on the internet and if so what was their version of the story.

All of this in a span of an under 20 minute ride between Jamaica & Penn Station, oh my……

P.S. On a related LIRR note, I must say I almost fainted Saturday night when my train to Jamaica arrived nearly 10 minutes early…. yeah I know it sounds impossible considering their track record!

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