I Thought My Mom Was Bad!

On July 19th, I had to go to the bank to make a deposit. I had no desire to deal with the normally huge crowds during business hours. Since this was the case, I decided to just make a deposit at the ATM during the overnight hours. For some reason I am really enjoying making trips to the bank anywhere between 3 & 5 AM.

The train ride down was easy & event free. However the same could not be said for my return trip home. I am on the 6 train heading back to Parkchester. I board in one of the last few cars & noticed it was quite empty. I sat across from a man who was enjoying music on his disc-man. He seemed to really be into his tunes which is cool as I was in the same mode listening to my mp3 player.

I was rocking out silently to myself when I started to hear what sounded like singing. It turns out my fellow straphanger felt like singing. The problem is he sounded horrible! My mom is a horrible singer & she will be the first to admit it. I’ll put it to you this way, my mom sounds like Christina Aguilera or Mariah Carey compared to how this guy sounded!

The fellow straphangers tried their best not to look at him. He seemed to be in his own world as he got up & started with the pole as if he was stripping & singing to someone. I wanted to take a picture of him so badly but I couldn’t without it being obvious. However I was able to record him as my mp3 player has a built in microphone.

Thankfully he stopped singing as we were approaching 116th St. I thought the show was mercifully over but I was wrong! We are now at Hunts Point Ave. & a cute older Hispanic woman gets on. She sits right across from me which is where our favorite singer originally sat when I boarded.

We are checking each other out until “The Straphanger Singer” decides to start singing again! She looked at him thinking god knows what… The thoughts must not have been good though. When the train opened its doors at the next stop (Whitlock Ave.) she exited our car & went one car forward! So much for our little flirting session! What makes it worse is “The Straphanger Singer” starts singing Rihanna’s “Umbrella”. I hate that song!

Thankfully “The Straphanger Singer” got off at Morrison-Soundview Aves! Who knows if he made it home though as he did not exit the station when he got off. Instead of going left towards the staircase after exiting the train, he went to the right & stood in the corner at the end of the platform. So thank you “The Straphanger Singer” for making my commute home harsh on the ears!

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