Guitar Center: The Bad

3 days ago, I finally got around to writing about my trip to the Guitar Center in Queens. Now I must share the other half of the story from a completely different day. Based on the title you can just tell how it went however you may continue reading on.

6 days after I first went to Guitar Center, I decided to go back & see my buddies while picking up a few things. I was considering buying another amp for the apartment along with some other accessories that I forgot to get the first time. The planned route was the same as always, the to 59th Street where I would then catch the to 46th Street. As usual I was not looking forward to the last leg of the trip since depending on the can be hazardous to your health.

Unfortunately the reverted back to its normal self when I arrived at Lexington Ave. The trip down on the was fast & efficient as I would expect. As I & many others were heading downstairs, I heard a train leave. Judging by the sound & direction of it, I assumed it was either a Queens bound or . However when I got downstairs, I realized that it could not have been either as the Queens bound portion of the platform was filled with people waiting. Unfortunately the activity of waiting is one all of us were going to be practicing together for awhile.

I along with many others stood on the platform for approximately 15-20 minutes which I verified by looking at my Treo a few times. The was nowhere to be found & I was getting frustrated as each minute went by. However the soon to be riders were not the only ones becoming frustrated. During this time not one showed up either. So we had a dangerously crowded platform that resembled what you would see during rush hour. After looking at my Treo one last time, I finally saw a train approaching & thankfully it was the . I heard a few sighs of relief when the was pulling in. Unfortunately I heard moans from those who were still waiting for the . Let me congratulate the MTA for no announcements as well!

Eventually I leave Guitar Center with a new pedal & an extra instrument cable. I slowly walk back to the 46th Street station as I am trying to collect my thoughts. I decided to call one of my best friends Trish as I stood outside the station. After speaking for a couple of minutes, I decided I better go as I want to beat the heavy rain that was expected & it was already starting to drizzle. I get downstairs & see a good number of people waiting for the . It was painfully obvious that a train had not come in awhile. I figured one must be coming soon so my wait would be short. WRONG!!!!!!

I once again stood on a platform for almost 20 minutes waiting for the to arrive. During this time multiple Forest Hills/71st Ave bound came & went. This was deja vu from earlier when one Brooklyn bound & came & went as we waited & waited! I was beyond pissed & realized why I & so many others despise the . I don’t think a line exists that is as pathetic & inconsistent as the is! Eventually the train came & I finally got to Lexington Avenue where I could transfer to hands down the best line in the system, the & go home! I seriously wonder if I should ever move away from the as I am completely spoiled!

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