Double Take

I’m on my way home from Dayglow’s kick ass set at the crappy Avalon. I didn’t feel like taking the V to 51 St. for the 6. I knew the train would be packed & I’d have to stand the entire ride. My feet were killing me so this was not an option!

I hope the V down to Broadway Lafayette. I took the 6 down to the last stop of Brooklyn Bridge-City Hall so I could catch the 6 back uptown. On a side note, I wish the MTA would build the uptown connection to the 6th Ave. lines at Bleeker St. already! Anyway, I know this was the long way to go home. I didn’t care though as my feet were killing me & I was in no rush to begin with.

I’m just lounging in a corner seat listening to my mp3 player, & then it happened. I had to do a double take. The reason I did a double take is because I thought I saw my best friend Dawn. The same best friend who I called earlier to see if she wanted to come to Dayglow’s show after work. I thought to myself it couldn’t be her.

She left me a message on my voice mail as she was on the train home. She sounded exhausted so I couldn’t see her being back in Manhattan with so much energy. Needless to say it wasn’t her but damn if I didn’t do a double pondering if it was her!

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