Could It Get Any Better?

Last Saturday I was going to see my friends The Pervs play at Matchless. I was looking forward to seeing them but not the venue. I had not been there in over a year & the one time I did go, problems arose with the owner.

I had been debating which combination of trains I was going to take. The location of Matchless isn’t exactly the easiest place to get to. This is mostly due to the mismanagement of the G train by the MTA. Let me not start on that though or I’ll be here all day!

I ended up catching a ride to Astoria with my sister. I decided it made sense for me to hop a ride with her as it saved a trip of riding into Manhattan & working my way to Greenpoint. Since she was going to drop me off at Steinway St., I planned on doing the R-E-G combination to get to Matchless. I must throw in how I hate the MTA for turning what should be a one seat ride on the G to a 3 train ride! Bring the G back to Forest Hills 24×7 already!

The commute was amazing though as I pulled off the 3 train ride in under 25 minutes. I ended up getting to Matchless much faster than I anticipated. The longest wait was for the R & that was an under 5 minute wait! A 5 minute wait for the R especially on the weekends is unheard of! I should have known the commute was going to be a great one!

I saw a E blow past us which I wasn’t thrilled about. However the E was waiting for us at Queens Plaza so the transfer was perfect. Now the last obstacle was the transfer to the G at Court Square. The commute forces smiled down on me again as the G was waiting to depart & I caught it with a minute to spare.

I honestly have to wonder could a commute get any better!

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[…] see my friends The Pervs play at Matchless in Greenpoint. I shall refer to that commute as “The Miracle On Pervs St.” from now on! On that night, the longest wait I had on my 3 train ride was 5 minutes. As one […]

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